The next upcoming show is

3.9.13 Purple Moose Saloon w/ The Blue Van Ocean City, MD


So if you're just checking back in with us, you'll see we are on the road right now with two great bands: The Blue Van and Crobot. We are playing various places in New England and the midwest over the month so if you're around, come out and see us. Also, Mar 27 in NYC we'll be doing a Red Bull session with Heaven's Basement. We recently played with them and Buckcherry in Niagara Falls and it was great. Check out our dates in the SHOWS section to see what is going on. Love you.

11.13.12 AFTER SANDY

We just wanted to let you know that our show with David Johansen at Bowery Electric in NYC has been rescheduled for December 22nd. You can still get tickets. Also, we'll be playing Dec 14 at Pianos with our friends These People and a cool band from Japan called The ZZZ's. Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon. We have been recording a bit lately and should have three new songs available shortly. Also, we just want to say we hope all our fellow NY neighbors came out unscathed from the hurricane. It was an eye opening experience. See you all soon!


Hey all. Check out our video page. We recently uploaded a video of us in the studio recording Let's Get It On. Check it out. New photos coming soon as well. Lastly, come see us on 11/3/12 with David Johansen of the New York Dolls at Bowery Electric in NYC. See you then!


We want to let you know we fully endorse travelling by sea, all-u-can-eat buffets, day spas, and a weekly serving of lobster so much so that we decided to use this tune we wrote for a Royal Caribbean commercial now airing in the UK and Ireland. Watch it online here... You can also download the full band version at... Also, come see us 10/8/12 at The Studio at Webster Hall with Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown.


If you fancy coming to Brooklyn this Saturday, we're playing the 8th anniversary of the GLAMDAMMIT Party at Grand Victory in Williamsburg. Yes. There's an open bar opening right at 11 PM. Guess what? We play at 11 PM. Very, very convenient. We also have some big news to announce later this week. My English teacher in high school always said, "show, don't tell." So... you'll have to wait to what the news is.

8.19.12 THINGS

Thanks to those who came out to our past few shows. If you haven't found them yet on the blog sites, you can download "Mystery Girl" and "Somedays" from

Hey everyone. We have a bunch of new shows. Check out our tour dates. We'll be playing with such acts as D Generation, Electric Six and Foxy Shazam. Also, for the New Yorkers, we'll be doing a party in the basement at the Ace Hotel. Keep in touch because it will be list only and we want to make sure you can get in. Also, we will have more tracks posted soon. Stay in touch. We love you!


Hey everyone. We have a bunch of new shows. Check out our tour dates. We'll be playing with such acts as D Generation, Electric Six and Foxy Shazam. Also, for the New Yorkers, we'll be doing a party in the basement at the Ace Hotel. Keep in touch because it will be list only and we want to make sure you can get in. Also, we will have more tracks posted soon. Stay in touch. We love you!


We would just like to announce that we will playing July 7 with glam punk rock n rollers, D Generation, as part of this years inaugural CBGB Festival in the East Village. Click here to purchase a ticket from And, don't forget to head to Lit Lounge Tuesday, May 15 for the Joey Nova's Rebel Rebel Reunion Party. Get on the guest list by heading to and add yourself to the Rebel Rebel event. We have a few more big shows we will be announcing in the upcoming days.

Also, we head back into the studio on May 10 to finish three new tunes we recorded with producer, Mario McNulty. See you soon.


In honor of our upcoming show on Saturday April 28 at Bowery Electric, we decided to post another new song to our soundcloud and music pages. To listen, simply click the music button and scroll down. If that is too complex, go to and listen there. Make sure to pick up a ticket to the upcoming show while you're at it. Good times are to be had.


Hey everyone. We are heading into the studio this Thursday to record two brand new tunes with Mario McNulty. We are very excited and will hopefully have something for everyone out in the "real world" to hear after we are done. Also, don't forget that we are playing a big show at Bowery Electric at the end of the month. We hope to all see you there. Get your tickets in advance and save some cash. See you soon.


We want to thank everyone who came out to our Ohio and Michigan shows over the past weekend. Keep your eyes out as we'll have a bunch of shows on the eastcoast in April. Also, we'll be entering the studio the middle of this month. We should have new tracks posted soon. Lastly, make sure to follow us on Twitter at #romansarealive for tons of photos and updates.


Just letting everyone know. New shows are posted. We have dates in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and of course New York. Dates in Philly coming soon. We just wanted keep you all in the loop. Cheers!


FYI. We are selling pre-sale tickets to our April 28th show at Bowery Electric. Our first show at Bowery was nearly sold out so please get your tickets in advance to insure entry. Click here to purchase a ticket from'll see you all at the show.


It's been a busy week. Thank you to all who came to see the free show at WIP. We had a great time. Hussle Club was excellent as well.

We posted a few new photos from the show. Also, we were fortunate enough to record a couple new demos at Avatar studios in NYC. Avatar used to be called The Power Station. Madonna recorded "Like a Virgin" there and The Boss recorded "Born in the USA" there as well. It was amazing and we hope to put some songs up soon.

Lastly, we'll be posting a few new midwest dates shortly. Keep in touch. See you soon.


Although we've had a few songs available for listening over the past couple months, we felt the need to give a bit more.Click here to download the song "Somedays" from Also, catch Romans live for FREE tomorrow night as part of Dropout @ WIP in Soho. To add your name plus a guest to the list, email with your full name. List will be at the door. Doors are at 10:00 PM. See you there.


We're happy to announce we'll be headed back into the studio in early April with producer Mario McNulty. Mario's worked with everyone from David Bowie to Lou Reed. Most recently, he produced the full length for Semi Precious Weapons. Yes, yes, yes... we still have about seven other tracks recorded that you haven't heard yet. Those will be available soon enough as well. Hang tight young friends.


Hello everyone. Welcome to our new website. Websites have been around for a few years now so we figure you most likely know how to use them. If you need any info on shows, music, etc, come here first.

Make sure to check out our shows section as we have shows in Ohio, Michigan, Jersey and NYC coming up soon. Westcoast fans, hang tight. See you all very soon.


To truly understand the quiet phenomenon that are Romans, one listen to their music will explain everything. Romans dip their toes into several of rock n' roll's most pristine ponds, is a refreshing departure from today's plastic wrapped, industry made, music money makers. Helmed by Jeremy Fury and supported by Craig Bonich, Romans strives for timeless, not temporary, firmly steeping themselves in the classic composure of music's most prolific songwriters.

"I remember Craig and I finished off a couple bottles of wine and were doing a taped interview for a popular online music site," he remembers. "I thought, 'Man we should start a band together someday,' A few years later, here we are. I envisioned this project to encompass the best parts of rock n' roll nostalgia incorporating everything from 50's doo wop, 60's brit rock, and 70's glam."

Romans are like tasting the rainbow of classic rock with a modern twist. Infused with the unique rawness of a Stones-esque boogie in "All The Glitters Gone" to the delicate lacing of Roy Orbison nostalgia in "Somedays" there's no denying the catalog of songs has swagger as demonstrated in the nod to T-Rex in "Us Being Young" and "Our Love" acknowledging the Ziggy Stardust era Bowie. With tracks produced by L.A. based noise-smith Manny Nieto (The Breeders, Rumspringa, Health), Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies, Good Old War), and Tony Visconti protege Mario McNulty (Bowie, Lou Reed), Romans have a great deal to be excited about. Over the past few months the band have shared the stage with The Detroit Cobras, Wayne Kramer of The MC5, David Johansen of the NY Dolls, Electric Six, D Generation, and Foxy Shazam. Most recently, the band's single "Let's Get It On" was placed in the latest Royal Caribbean TV commercial in the U.K. and Ireland.

So, is rock n' roll dead? Definitely not. And Romans are on a mission to make sure that doesn't change. No matter how music trends ebb and flow, the one time tested certainty is people will always want songs to connect with and Romans deliver by doing it their way and having more fun than anyone else.


Song: Moonlight
Album: N/A
Year: 2012

Song: Mystery Girl
Album: N/A
Year: 2012

Song: All The Glitter’s Gone
Album: Mercury
Year: 2012

Song: Somedays
Album: Mercury
Year: 2012

Song: Our Love
Album: Mercury
Year: 2012

Song: Us Being Young
Album: Mercury
Year: 2012


Upcoming Shows

3.7.13 The Studio @ Webster W/ The Blue Van 19+ 7:30PM New York, NY
3.9.13 Purple Moose Saloon W/ The Blue Van 18+ 8:00 PM Ocean City, MD
3.10.13 Ortlieb's Lounge W/ The Blue Van 18+ 7:00PM Philadelphia, PA
3.19.13 Cobra Lounge W/ The Blue Van 18+ 7:00PM Chicago, IL
3.20.13 The Crowfoot W/ The Blue Van AA 7:00PM Pontiac, MI
3.27.13 The Bowery Electric Red Bull Sessions w/ Heaven's Basement 21+ 8:30PM New York, NY
3.28.13 The Church of Boston W/ The Blue Van AA 7:00PM Boston, MA
3.30.13 The Rock Junction W/ The Blue Van AA 7:00PM West Greenich, RI

Past Shows

2.20.13 Piano's W/ Cosmonaut 21+ 8:00PM New York, NY
2.7.13 Bowery Electric W/ Wayne Kramer of MC5 21+ 7:00PM New York, NY
1.20.13 The Rapids Theater W/ Buckcherry AA 7:30PM Niagara Falls, NY
12.22.12 The Bowery Electric W/ David Johansen of The NY Dolls 21+ 7:00PM New York, NY
12.14.12 Piano's W/ These People, Robbers 21+ 8:00PM New York, NY
11.21.12 Bowery Electric Old Soul Revival - Playing 2 songs acoustic 21+ 8:00PM New York, NY
10.8.12 Studio @ Webster Hall W/ Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown AA 6:30PM New York, NY
9.15.12 Grand Victory W/ The Brats 21+ 11:00PM Brooklyn, NY
8.10.12 Piano's W/ The Everymen 21+ 7:00PM New York, NY
7.18.12 Maxwell's W/ Electric Six AA 8:00PM Hoboken, NJ
7.10.12 Mickey Finn's W/ Foxy Shazam AA 8:00PM Toledo, OH
7.7.12 SOLD OUT! Bowery Electric - CBGB's Festival w/ D Generation 21+ 7:00PM New York, NY
6.12.12 Mercury Lounge W/ Reckless Sons AA 6:30PM New York, NY
5.15.12 Lit Lounge Rebel Rebel Reunion Party - FREE 18+ 9:00PM New York, NY
4.28.12 Bowery Electric W/ The Buddies 21+ 7:30PM New York, NY
4.19.12 Northstar Bar W/ AA 8:00PM Philadelphia, PA
4.6.12 Frankie's Inner City W/ Mindfish AA 9:00PM Toledo, OH
4.5.12 PJ's Lager House W/ Mindfish 21+ 9:00PM Detroit, MI
4.2.12 The Knitting Factory W/ Black Box Revelation 18+ 7:30PM Brooklyn, NY
3.30.12 Maxwell's W/ Electric Sun 18+ 7:30PM Hoboken, NJ
3.27.12 Howard's Club H W/ Black Box Revelation 18+ 9:00PM Bowling Green, OH
3.26.12 The Loft W/ Black Box Revelation AA 7:00PM Lansing, MI
3.24.12 Frankie's Inner City W/ The Detroit Cobras AA 9:00PM Toledo, OH
3.6.12 Dropout @ WIP W/ Hussle Club 21+ 10:30PM New York, NY
2.12.12 Pianos W/ LE MOOD 21+ 8:00PM New York, NY
2.2.12 The Bowery Electric W/ Skaters 21+ 7:30PM New York, NY



"Let's Get It On" featured in The Sea Is Calling Royal Caribbean TV commercial

Mystery Girl